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mast well damage


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I noticed that the bottom of my laser mast well seems to be split. Water tend to leak in the hull instead of staying in the mast well. would anyone know if it is possible to repair this small crack from the well itself or will I have to open the whole thing to repair it?
thanks for your help


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Repairing the mast step by reaching in from above doesn't really work unless the damaged area is very close (within 10 cm or so) to the deck. Anywhere deeper requires in practice installing an inspection port on the deck next to the mast, and applying fibreglass to the "outer" (convex) surface of the step tube from the inside of the hull. If you haven't already done so, search for "Laser mast step repair" in this forum and you'll find a ton of good advice.

Could you post pictures of that crack?

What's your sail/hull number?



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I have fixed a sunfish well by making some 'tools'.

I made a round thing that let me sand the area. I also have a Foredom tool that let me go in deep with a barrel sanding tool.

I made a plastic tool with the radius of the hole but only about half of the round and put it on the end of a threaded rod. This let me put epoxy on the well sanded area.

If you do not sand it then do not expect the glue to hold.

The best way will be to glass around the outside through an inspection plate. My sunfish had a tight crack and I used Thixo to bond it. It has worked for this season so far.