Mast side to side play

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I am sailing an Omega 14 which is very losely rigged at the shrouds. I am seeing about 4-6 inches of side to side play in the mast. (the Omega is the predessesor of the Capri) what kind of side to side movement are you seeing in the Capri 14.2s?


Ed Jones

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Mast play

That amount of play is fine if you plan to race, in fact many racers in our fleet have it even looser than that. (Mine is about 8". This helps open up the slot between the main and jib. Keep in mind we race on fairly flat water. A very loose rig in rough water is NOT a good idea.)

But if you don't plan to race, that's way too loose. Bar tight, however, isn't appropriate either. I'd say for cruising go with 2-3 inches of slack.

PS - Anyone else have an opinion on this?
This topic begs a question of me....

When I stepped my mast this weekend, I had to move the pins in the shroud chainplates(?) to the extreme ends before I could get my forestay to reach. My rig is not "bar tight" but it's dang close. Maybe 3" of side-to-side movement at the tip of the mast. And I don't have any adjustment at all. Finally the question...Is this normal for a brand new set of stays? Can I expect the stays to stretch at all?

So many questions.....