Mast rake on C14.2

I just put up the mast for the first time on my '84 14.2 and it is raked forward probably 8" from vertical. Since the boat has been sailing this way for many years it is probably OK, but is this the way most of these boats are set up?
In case anyone is interested, I found a North sails Capri 14.2 tuning guide that says the mast rake should be set by having the forestay at its maximum length of 15' 3 3/4" per class rules. I fixed my forestay to this measurement.
The North sails Capri 14.2 tuning guide is a good concise guide consistent with the information in the 14.2 manual which is referenced several places on this site. Have you looked at the UCLA sailing course manual which is also referenced several places on this site? The 14.2 is used for the basic course volume. My 2016 14.2K manual contains the same references to forestay length etc as the pdf's referenced on this site. Because I don't compete in a class, I actually added an extra link to the forestay/furler to be sure I had mast rake toward the stern. Visually the rake appears to be similar to what I used on 22foot and 19foot keeled boats. No weather helm and sails set well. The bridle has a loop tied at it's center which accomplished what the North guide also gets at regarding the main sheet rigging etc. Good sailing and you will find lots of useful information on this site, just took me a little "digging" back when I was considering whether or not to buy a 14.2K. Great decision, great boat, especially for single handing at an older age. Good sailing.....