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Mast pumping under certain circumstances


Sailing on Shelter Bay
When there is a moderate breeze (11-14 knots) and I am going outside the harbor solo I go out under main alone and the boat (Omega 14) sails and points fairly well I must say. However, I have one problem. When I'm on anything but a beat the mast pumps when I go over a small to medium sized wave. So like every few minutes. I noticed yesterday that when I'm on a close reach the forestay is loose and the windward shroud is very tight. I'm not exactly sure what happens, but the mast seems to go back and forth with a bang as I hit and/or come off a wave. I secured the lazy jib halyard to the bow and tightened it up as much as I could and that may have helped, but only some. I have my rig fairly snug, not loose. When at rest with no sails there is some tension on the forestay and shrouds.

Sure is a lot of tension on those shrouds when sailing!shroud tension calcs copy.JPG

Is this mast pumping normal? If not, is there a simple solution? Boats I have had in the past had the mast secured where it came through the deck and some had backstays. I've never had this problem in all my days of sailing before. I know this is mostly a 14.2 forum, but I will appreciate your comments as well.


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I've experienced the same thing, not only on the C14.2 but other boats I've owned and sailed like Bluejays and Oday 17's.
When you sail under the main alone, the mast does rock.
The C14.2 is the first boat that I've owned that encourages such a loose shroud rig. The boat is new to me so I will have to play with it a little to see what I get comfortable with.
Yea, when I am alone, I tend to use just the main for simplicity. most boats are not as efficient that way, but much less stressful on the captain!
I am also surprised that the C14.2 mast tabernacle (base) does not hold the mast base more securely and is designed to have movement. Most other small boats have the base of the mast held securely rather than rock on a single bolt.
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