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Mast plate decking cracks


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Aaagghhhh....I have about had it with this boat. Spent soooooo much time, money and effort getting this boat back together and would have been de-masted if I hadn't noticed the crack beneath the mast plate just before I left the dock.

Any suggestions for repair? It is a mod 2, no cracks in the cubby that I can see?? Have ideas and don't have any problem working with filler, fiberglass and epoxy.

Also have to ask about boat wakes, small waves on the lake. Checked the rigging guidelines and everything conforms to specs but get a little anxious with the way the mast and rigging kind kick forward and backward with a force when crossing over the boat wake. Waves/wake are not that high, powerboats aren't speeding. Don't know if my description is very helpful or not to make any suggestions? Thanks.

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Don't give up on her!
There's a good thread with photos called "mast step failure" posted on feb 21 that talks through what it looks like you're dealing with. Bunch of photos in thread. Should be helpful. As far as the play in the shrouds, I had a bit more in mine too than I was expecting and same thing as it would bang back and forth going over wakes. I have adjustable P/S stays so I tightened them a notch. It doesn't rock anymore, but it's also a royal bitch to attach the fore stay when I go out. I will freely admit to not really knowing the finer points of what I'm doing out there, but I seem to remember reading something about "mast tuning"... and I wonder if the mast is supposed to have a little play like that so it sets either to fore or aft depending on wind loading and set if the sails. If a more knowledgeable old salt out there would like to clear up the subject of any play in the mast, I'd be very interested too.


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Thank you for that, will give her one more chance or its to the auction block. I noticed the threads are mostly for repairing a mod 1. I have a mod 2 and wonder if the mast deck is hollow unlike the mod 1? Does anyone know the answer to that before I cut into it? Thanks again.

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I don’t know much at all about what I am doing but after reading through the many posts on here (for which I am so thankful!) I loosened my forestay from tight as hell to a notch looser and it made a world of difference underway. I could feel and see the difference when the main filled out and the mast slid forward in response. I didn’t have trouble with it banging around as it is still on the firm side of loose.
I have a Mod 2 but unfortunately cannot help with the structure underneath the step question.


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I found on light to no air days if you're on a lake with powerboat chop it's annoying and also probably not good for the deck fasteners to get that jerking pull action when the mast flops around. So on those days I go tighter with the tension, careful not to go too tight! First raise the mast loose and then take up slack by fastening the main halyard to the vertical trailer bar then pull enough to allow for the forestay pin placement to be tighter as desired. I work alone to do this, so initially using a looser setting makes it easier to do initial pin placement. Now if there's good wind action I agree a looser setting like you describe is best. As far as your concern about the structural question, call Catalina Tech Support @ 916-843-1971, they're a fountain of knowledge. Good luck!