Mast foot movement

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I recently acquired an 87 Capri 14.2, which is the "family sailor" tradeoff from my Jet 14 which I hoped I could get my wife out on occasionally. I've been a lurker on these forums for a while, but I just joined up today and this is my first post. I've had some experience with the Capri from sailing it a handful of times in San Diego harbor, and remembered it as relatively stable boat that was easy to launch, rig, sail, and recover. This has mostly been true to my memory, although my better half has still yet to come out with me.

Anywho... I've mostly been sailing it on pretty open and unprotected waters (Great Sacandaga Lake, and another lake in the Adirondacks). You can get some pretty decent chop out there, and with the approximately 2.3 million speedboats out there with me, some decent wakes too.

I've read through the forums and several rigging guides and understand that in a racing scenario, usually on fairly calm water, a loose setup on the mast is ideal. I read through a handful of posts about mast movement and the amount of play in the shrouds, etc., but still have not discovered an answer to my question, which relates to the actual mast foot moving.

This is less of an issue when I'm actually under sail and everything is pretty torqued down and tight, but more of an issue when the boat is anchored or moored, or I'm dealing with a serious chop or wake. The mast foot will slightly shift about as the mast rocks back and forth, causing a very slight movement in the fiberglass under the mount. There is one hairline crack about an 1/8", but no other signs of damage.

Is this "normal," and something that I should expect? Or is it a sign that the wood mount under the mast has rotted out. Everything else looks dry and I see no signs of rot or mold or anything else. Any input, theories, advice, or stories of similar movement would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and I look forward to being a new member.
It seems to me you wouldn't want it moving around. More movement results in the threads of the screws continuing to enlarge the holes they are in, and that increases the potential for water getting in possibly leading to rot in the wood. I sailed Lido 14s for many years and they also have a very loose rig. The standard fix was to put some wooden matchsticks in the holes, soak in some epoxy and then screw it back in with marine sealant on the mast step base (using larger screws if necessary). And do not through-bolt.
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Thanks for your input! I really appreciate it. Maybe at the end of the season I'll dig up some match sticks and give it a whirl. My initial temptation was to through-bolt it, but after reading everyone's comments, concerns, and nightmare stories, it sure sounds like the wrong way to go! Thanks again.