Mast dimensions

Ken OR

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I'm having a tough time finding a dealer in my area to get a replacement mast from. I need the dimensions (length and diameter) of a mast so I can estimate shipping costs. A google search didn't yield the answer.

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Ken OR
Look here:
Down on page 11.

That will give you the length. The I.D. is 2.00” give or take a few thousandths of an inch (.000). I can’t be precise because I measured mine with a tape measurer. I don’t know the O.D., but if I remember right the wall thickness is right around .125” (i.e.: 1/8”). This would make the O.D. about 2-1/4”. If I’m right about the wall thickness then the mast tube should weigh about 17 lbs. I looked up the weight of a similar aluminum tube in the Central Steel & Wire Co. handbook.
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Thanks, I appreciate the help. Now I have to find a shipper that will take something over 9 feet without it costing an arm & a leg.