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Mast Climbing


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My son used my boat for summer sailing camp. One of the activities to occupy the kids when there was no wind was to climb the mast of the lasers. I complained to the camp director that this was not good for the boat especially the mast step but was told it was harmless. Is it? Or should I keep my new laser home from camp next year?


Mast step is plenty sturdy when the donut is in good shape. Much more load is applied to the mast step during a high speed run or reach wipe out.

Camp/Jr sailing can be a little harder on boats, it really depends on how the program is run and how responsible your lil' skipper is. Some are very gentle with the equipment and others treat it like a disposable paper cup.

There is a benifit to getting the young sailor their own boat, whether it's a beater or a beauty, and that's the joy of being able to go out sailing together, but in his/her own boat

El Niño

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Next time tell the camp director that you dont mind letting your kid climb the mast if he doesnt mind letting the kids climb to the roof of his car.


I would be pretty bent if I saw someone on to of my laser's mast... It's not exactly the safest of things to do, let alone potentially damaging the boat... Dont they realize there are people in South America that cant get boats!?


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that is probably the worst thing you could ever do. I mean it's bad enough to sit in our boat on land but to climb your mast that is just stupid. if the head instructor thinks otherwise he should be fired!!!


Man this thread is coming down on the camp director pretty harsh. I'm not going to join in.

Within certain bounds, kids are supposed to do crazy things on boats at summer camp. It's what they do. Let the kids have their fun. But, with that thought firmly in mind, I might have some reservations about sending to camp a new laser or one I wanted to keep in especially pristine shape.