Mark II Standard Sail

Rob B

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I raced my new old design sail in a fleet with new, new sails in an open District event in July. One guy and I fought neck and neck for 1st the whole regatta. He had the new, new sail and I a new, old sail. Wind ranged from 5-18 knots over the two days. In the end we both agreed neither sail offered much advantage over the other. Clean starts, good boat handling and solid tactics played a much more important role. The other guy is a really good sailor and was on the US Sailing team in the mid-90's trying to qualify for the 96 games in the Finn class. However, there's no Finn's in the Carolinas so he was thick into Lasers for his practice regattas/time on the water, (I used to race against him back then as well). I did win a race and had several where I was in front, but he just out sailed me. I did feel like he had a small advantage DW. I will be buying the new design soon.