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Mainsheet slack?

Sailor Matt

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hi all!...great summer sailing so far but need some advice. have had problem getting tangled in mainsheet slack hanging down from boom as boom crosses during maneuvering...so much so that it caused a capsize last outing. great fun, but frustrating at same time!! have fashioned some loops of small diameter line from three of the sail rings between the two sheaves on the boom to support the mainsheet when it goes slack...will this work or other suggestions please? cheers and thank you!


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They make mainsheet hangers for the Sunfish. Also some sailors make there own from duck tape. http://www.intensitysails.com/mamahaforsus.html
Hint: Cut the tape so you have two large pieces (both go around the boom), and two smaller pieces (to reverse, and put the two sticky sides together).

Make the two look like Band-Aids. (You'll want two).

Be generous with the smaller piece, as duct tape is difficult to remove, and can cause the mainsheet to jam it up.


I did the same as Fred - just used (2) zip-ties, snugged them up with enough room to let the mainsheet freely move through, and snipped the ends of the zip-ties. Works great!