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mainsheet question

Ed Kuh

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I have been using a neighbor's laser to recreationally sail on a lake and it does not have a proper mainsheet. When looking online it says I should get something btn 6-7mm and 40 ft long. This seems much too thin. I am thinking a 1/2" in diameter. Can someone advise and also suggest and online site where I can order this? Thanks. Ed


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Online is half correct :D 6 to 7 mm is the perfect thickness, but 40 ft (12.2 m) is too short, even if you don't lead it to the back of the cockpit (which is recommended). 13.5 m is a good length.

Believe it or not, that's what's proven the best. Thinner line runs smoother through the blocks and is therefore actually easy on the hands, too. 1/2 in ( :eek: 13 mm) won't even fit through the blocks. A thicker (and therefore heavier) line also catches the transom corners more easily, too.

This has been the class standard for a long time: Laser Polilite® Mainsheet 14m x 7mm
(Also available at places closer to you, such as Colie Sails.)

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Note if you're recreationally sailing and it gets a bit windier, the 6mm will be significantly harder on your hands. With gloves, should be ok. 7mm is a good max diameter, 6mm will be nicer if you sail most in light wind, especially downwind.