Mainsail wear on spreaders



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We are launching 8 new C-14's at our harbor for training and rental and I noticed on the first boat I tested that the Mainsail rubs on the spreader tip just off a close-reach and below. It appears the shrouds/spreaders have been intalled properly. After my first sail I noticed a small tear in the sail.
I plan to use spreader boots to protect the sails but I'm curious if there's something I've overlooked or is this just a design feature (flaw) of this boat? We sail Holder 14's also, with no spreaders and no sail wear, and have considered modifying the C-14 rig to eliminate the spreaders also. Since we rent our boats we get a lot of wear and tear on them.
Any thoughts or experience of others??
Many of the other posts have helped a lot since I'm new to this boat. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I get to know the boat more. Thanks! Dean