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im a young sailer hoping to sail a lazer i am wonderin if i need all the fancy rigging or can i sail with just a main


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Great to read that you've chosen for a Laser.
Answering your question: best you can do is google: How To Rig A Laser? Watching a lot of those videos will answer a lot of questions!

Enjoy your Laser!



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Could you be a little more specific...? If with "main" you mean a "mainsail", then it's kind of a strange question as the Laser has no other sails. Or are you talking about a Laser 2 or some other multi-sail "Laser"?
With the rigging (meaning "control systems") you can choose any level of fanciness and do fine. What's the level you're aiming at - local, national, recreational only?



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You do need well-working control systems (it's called an "outhaul" by the way), but of course they don't have to consist of the latest or most expensive parts. You said you're "hoping" to sail a Laser, does that mean you already have a certain used boat (or several) in mind? You should first decide what level of racing (or non-racing) you want to do within a couple of years, and then look for a boat in the corresponding price range. When you have something to show (yes, we always want to see pictures!), then we can recommend possible upgrades.

Is there someone at your club who knows about these things that you could talk to?