Main sheet length?


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Hi all,

Just purchased my first sailboat, a Capri 14.2! Sail says it's number 1932, though the hull plate(which is very worn (appears to say 1002, so I don't know.) is definitely a mod 1. I'm pretty excited. Been sailing since I was a tot, but always on my dad's boats.

Anyhoo, got it home and at about setting it up, but realized the previous owner didn't include the main sheet. I can order a new one from Catalina pretty cheap, and OEM length is 35'. However, my dad has a spare length of 3/8 Samson XLS yacht braid that is 31' that he would give me. Is that long enough? Will I regret not having the extra 4'?

Also, has anyone come up with a better way to secure the cubby hatch? I had to replace the old one, and I fashioned a new one from a plastic cutting board, but the "latch" seems lacking.

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Rig it and see, be sure to push the boom out and eyeball what slack is left in the cockpit. A 4' difference probably won't matter that much, it'll just eat up some of the slack line that's normally lying in the cockpit. If you sail by the lee to the absolute limit and like risking vicious gybes, death rolls, and whatnot, well then, get the length suggested by Catalina. Personally, I think you'll be alright, but I sailed the old school Capris back in the mid-'70s, aye??? As for securing the cubby hatch, use whatever works for you... doesn't have to be OEM spec, last I heard nobody was racing Capris, not seriously anyway. You can find a lot of good inexpensive "fixes" for boat repairs in industrial warehouses and similar places, ya don't always hafta pony up your hard-earned money for overpriced [email protected] from a boat shop. Just take a good look at the current setup, think about how you can improve it, and go from there, yeah??? Good luck, & CHEERS!!! :cool:

P.S. I'm about to go mud-boggin' in the forest on Rim Road 300 (you can Google that road), with the recent rains the forest should've greened up nicely, gonna take photos to post later... Rim Road 300 is an offroader's dream venue, dirt biking heaven, LOL. :rolleyes:


I have this hinged door design in my pic archives, I think it's from someone on this forum? One heck of a nice job!


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Followed advice here when making the latch for my replacement door, works pretty good...


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Dang. That wood door is fantastic. I am not that good! I'll stick with my cutting board, though I might hinge it.

@caprintx, I did something similar for my door latch, but it seems kinda...wobbly. Mine has a spring on the outside that you compress to make turning the hinge easier, otherwise it's the same. Given my desire to avoid water coming into the cubby at all costs, I feel like I want something