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Main sheet cleat that locks in


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Hi. I bought a new sunfish last year and asked about a cleat that when you pull main sheet up locks it in, and releases the main sheet when you yank it down. . I was told they don't offer those any longer. But last week I sailed a lake in Maine at a resort and all of their sunfish had them. Does anyone know what they are called and where I might buy one?


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I first thought you were describing the Nash Trigger cleat: Harken Little Swivel Base with H418 Nash Trigger Cleat But that's one which cleats when you pull the line down, and releases when you pull it even further down!

You can fit almost any cleat "upside down" on almost any swivel, you just need long bolts plus spacers of some sort. I've liked them on 470s and 505s, but wouldn't fit one like that on a Sunfish-type boat.


chris williams

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This would do the trick - you mount it to an eyestrap you would install on the deck Harken 57mm Carbo Ratchet Single, 150 Cam-Matic

I personally think it makes it too easy to capsize when it cleats like this. Perhaps fellow poster Tag will post his pic of where he puts his cleat.

And can you please let me know where in Maine you rented the Sunfish? I might want to do that at some point.
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there is this option as well: Mainsheet Jam Cleat

but this is my preferred setup (shown on a Minifish, but the same part #'s apply for a Sunfish - the cam cleat can be mounted on the cockpit lip of a Sunfish).

signal charlie

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Are you referring to a ratchet block? They've had those on Sunfish since 1953! OK, that last part was not true, but the ratchet block has a little toggle where it can be set to run free or lock when the sheet is pulled taut against it.

Zip Nautos.JPG

Another popular cleat was the swivel cam cleat, probably out there on thousands of older boats.

swivel cam cleat.jpg

Did you buy a new Sunfish or Sunfish Race? There may be different block/cleat setups, but it seems it would have come with something?


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Thanks for your replies. I wish I had taken a picture of the thing when I was in Maine. But I can see that it used to be sort of standard on older Sunfish boats and these were older. I can manage with my new boat cleat but might add a different one if I come across it.
Note for the person who asked where I sailed in Maine: I was at a gorgeous resort called Quisisana on Lake Kezar. Unspoiled, clean and beautiful.
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