M Rig

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I have just bought my first laser. It came with standard and M rigs. Can anyone tell me how to rig an M rig mainsail? The shortened mast top section has a fairlead and cleat on it. The sail has a 6" tape sewn on to it. How do these features go together?
i am unsure of how to rig the sail but you can not race with them if you want to be seroius about racing also the M rig is hard to get leach tention because the top section is shorter therefore you can not get the maximum leach tention the bottom setion is the same as the full rig so it is verry stiff overall it is a poor sail in my sight & the sail makers & designers saw in hindsight that the design needed to be refined so they developed the radial then the 4.7 with the same top sections but shorter & more flexable bottom sectoin & that is where the difference & walking away from a one design class starts as it is hard to quality control the different wall thickness of the smaller rigs therefore the best sailors may have more then 1 bottom section.