Lumpy Fish

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Putting together a fish for some racing and as I started working on the hull my sander started bogging down in an area right under the cockpit. On closer examination I found what appeared to be some lumps - 6 on each side of the keel. It seems that the dolops of glued used between the cockpit floor and the hull gets really hard over the years (boat is a 73). Coupled with the pounding the bunks on the trailer have done on the part of the hull - I NOW HAVE LUMPS. They are about a sixteenth to an eight high. Short of grinding and fairing any suggestions? :confused:
My boat is a 1993. Its hull has some waviness to it too. Most Sunfish do. Yet my boat is a very fast. As long as they are stable, I would leave your “lumps” alone and just sail your boat as it is.
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thanks Neil
thats good news - I did not want to get into trying to fill and fair that mess. I am going to adopt the method that the multi hull guys use when something looks very bad - just pretend you didn't see it!