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Luff Wire for furling jib (2006 14.2) ...

Does anyone know where I can get a prefabed luff wire for a furling jib for a 2006 14.2 (#5312)? I am building a new jib and want to keep my old jib together. Any help is appreciated.


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I've been dealing with a company in San Luis Obispo, Ca. called SFOsail&canvass. I recently ordered a new set of sails for my Mod 2, and the furling jib comes with the luff wire installed. Perhaps you could contact them, or another sailmaker that has experience with 14.2 sails, and either order from them, or ask where they get them.

Just a thought.
Thanks. I did talk with Catalina Direct about this and they contacted Catalina's sailmaker to see what they would recommend. According to them, the luff wire is made for each sail so they don't stock them. There are slight differences in the luff length so this allows them to build it so it fits each sail exactly. They recommended just using nikopress fittings and 1/8" stay wire and building it myself to fit the final luff size exactly. The nikopress tool and fittings are inexpensive, so I have ordered what I need and will just build it myself. Hoping to have the sewing complete on my new jib by this weekend and will be installing the luff wire as the last step. Also building an asymmetrical spinnaker and a new main with a reef to complete my sail inventory. Will be nice to have a fresh new set of sails for my 2006! This approach will also give me the tool to build new stays or any other wire device I'll need in the future and cost me less then trying to get someone to build it right for me.