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Lower Boom and Sail

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Sunfish & Minifish Owner
I am in need of a lower boom and sail in good condition at a reasonable price and close location.
Thanks Jon

Alan Glos

Active Member
I have a nice recreational sail (no window) multi-color for $165 plus shipping (about $10). The sail came off a project boat I was working on last summer. It had some mouse holes along the luff but I had them professionally repaired by a sailmaker who did a very nice job. The sail is in very good condition with "low hours" and lots of life left in the sailcloth. I would ship on approval and if for any reason you did not accept it, just return at your expense. If interested, reply off line at:aglos@mail.colgate.edu and I will reply with a better description of the panel color configuration.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
There is someone selling booms & other Sunfish parts on craigslist in Orlando , on January 28th ( just go onto the Orlando section & type in Sunfish ).


I am in Satellite Beach and might have a lower spar for you. If you still need one let me know and I will check its condition.
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