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Loose foot mainsail?


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Hello...I am in the process of rebuilding a 1979 J24 Hull#1853. Since I purchased the boat with 'some' of the original sails, I am ordering a set of new sails. I have the option of having the mainsail built with a loose foot versus the original bolt rope and have no preference....can anyone one out there give me some feedback on their experiences?....
Also, what is the feedback on having the mainsail luff with a bolt rope versus sliders?
Thanks for any comments.


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Sorry to see that you've been waiting for over a month for an answer. You probably made some decision and moved on.

All sails made by the major sailmakers are to class specs for racing purposes and have bolt ropes in the foot and luff. Luffs don't use sail slides. Now, if you're buying from some regional sail loft and for just pleasure-sailing (not that racing isn't pleasurable!), you can do whatever you want. I can't think of any disadvantages to the standard I'm familiar with: bolt ropes. For racing you'd want to adhere to class specifications. I don't recall whether they specify the bolt ropes or not, but the rule book is available on the class website and that will tell you for sure.


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Thanks for your reply Vince...
Yes I have just received my new loose footed main and jib and am looking forward to trying them out over the next week! As you noted...in my case I am not ready for J24 class races (where a bolt rope foot is standard) and will be using the sails for cruising/day sailing plus local club beer can races where class rules are not strictly enforced.
Coming from 11 years racing Lasers I look forward to tuning a loose footed main...especially in low air conditions.