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Looking to pick up a Laser II, but...


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Looking at a Laser II so I can sail it with my son. Fun boat, fast and teach spinnaker and trapeze. Problem is parts availability. Don't see any North Sails available, only trapeze I can find is in eBay, and can't find a harness anywhere. Most of the boats don't have them.

Thisis a great boat, but maybe I am just at the end of an error? Thoughts?



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If you mean "end of an era", you're probably right - the Laser 2 as a racing class is nearly dead (I could write a long, highly speculative post about why that happened, but maybe not now), which means that certain class-specific parts aren't made anymore. You can still get almost everything you need from Fogh Marine in Canada or sailboats.co.uk in England, but they may not have much stuff left. The rudder blade seems to be the only thing that's not available anywhere; luckily the class association developed a new mast just a few years ago (the tooling for the classic two-piece mast didn't exist anymore), and Hyde Sails will probably make Laser 2 sails for ever, if needed.

Trapeze harnesses (and trapeze rigging, too, for the most part) aren't class-specific and are easily available.

The Laser 2 is a great design, and you will have a good learning time with it, although you'll likely be limited to handicap racing.


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Thanks for a well thought out response. I am using this to move my son into more advanced racing, spinnaker, Trapeze etc. He is racing JY 15's right now, wanted something fun for us to mess with that we both can fit on. Will probably pick up a laser and then a second one for racing. Really want a Hobie, but hard to find a place to race. I like class racing, if you have a good boat, then it is skill that makes the difference.
I believe Intensity Sails has sails and rudder blade in stock. Really a great company. Totally picking up where the factory ignores. No one has done more to keep old lasers on the water than them.
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