Looking to buy 4-6 lasers

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Hello Group:
I am looking to buy 4 to 6 Lasers in good, ready to sail condition. I am starting a sailing school with a couple friends in Central America (on the island of Roatan) and we have agreed that Lasers are the best boats to use. Because of the numerous shipping boats leaving out of Florida that service the Bay Islands, it would be best if the boats are in the South Florida area.
Thanks in advance
Aaron Etches
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Roatan Honduras
I have a 2005 Laser in Miami, Florida. 4.7 sail with mast and radial sail with radial mast extension. Cover, dolley, all rigging and battens etc., carbon fiber tiller and standard tiller, good blades in nice bag. Price is $3500. Great condition.

Peter Skipp
Pictures on request.
i have a 1999 laser with full rig mast ( top and bottom ), boom, center board, and NEW boom vang ( $300 ) only used in 3 ragattas. but it does need a sail, rudder, till, and lines

you can email me and i can show you pictures, you can make an offer
I have 4 Lasers in excellent condition that I could ship to you from Boston, MA. I am a retired professional boat builder and I buy, recondition, and resell Lasers as a side job. I have done 75 Lasers over the past 25 years. These 4 boats are two 98's, a 96, and an 84. All my boats are restored to new condition, every defect is corrected with the finest materials, (West systems, Awlgrip paints), my blades are refaired and refinished, my spars are end-for-ended as necessary, decks and cockpit floors are solid, gunnels with no chips, good to excellnt sails, all new lines, standard rigging systems, racing bailers. My boats are ready to sail and they will not break. I can get pictures if you are interested. I have many happy customers who could provide references. I could ship 2 boats now or all 4 at the end of March. The price would be $10k total. I can provide individual prices and detailed descriptions if you wish. Let me know. Stu Nickerson. stuhpps@hotmail.com
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