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Looking for the owner of the laser with sail number 178611, any leads?

Fillah Karim

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Hi, I am trying to find out who owns the boat with this sail number: 178611. It's a long shot, but I thought I would post here to see if anyone knows who owns that sail number.

It's a bit random, but I really like that number, so I'm trying to find the owner to get permission to race with their number on the international circuit.


Rob B

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It's likely a 2001, 2002 hull year. Could be an 03' if things were slow then. I have a 2001 that is 170345. Not a lot of hulls that are that age and still on a competitive circuit. I'd say go ahead and use it. Chances of you going to an event, (international event for that matter) and that number showing up are really slim.


Just sailing
A google search shows nothing. If you register for any sort of organized regatta, it is probably on a website somewhere. Whoever does own than number does not appear to be an active racer at any level.


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It would definitely be a 2003 boat. It could be anywhere on the planet; moreover, there were still five different Laser builders at the time.

Even if you found it, you'd have to buy it (or at least a part of it!) to use the number on charter boats. I don't know how/if this is enforced, but that's what the rule says.



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I know a kid who literally uses 8008 (BOOB) as a sail number, and gets away with it. I would just go for it. No one will care at all