Looking for Sunfish Deck Drain Plug

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image.jpg Hello Sailors,
I've got a Sunfish with a hole in the deck where the metal deck drain assembly was. I am looking for a replacement. This is the small, round metal screw-in and base, with pins and chain, preferably. It mounts on the deck side for draining the hull. I know there are aftermarket plastic drain plugs, but none I've seen sit flush with the hull, and so it doesn't make for a comfortable sitting space.
Any laying about? Thanks
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Thanks, Tex. I ordered that replacement, and although it's bigger than I'd like (so I'd have to make the drain hole bigger) it does sit flush, which helps! I'll use it if I can't find a replacement or I may just eliminate the deck drain entirely.
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I should be careful what I wish for. These pics are not for the faint of heart. My vintage Sailfish (sailing it in my profile pic) was crushed by a fallen tree last week.
I am fairly handy, but don't know if I can fix this. I've never seen another Sailfish with TWO original drains- both at the bow and stern of the boat. Whether this hull can be saved I will ask in other thread!

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Yes, it can be repaired. Signal Charlie (AKA: Kent Lewis) is the resident expert on wood 'fish. Maybe he will see this post and weigh in,

Trees (the falling kind) and 'fish are not a good combination. Here is a photo my neighbor's Sunfish that caught a fallen tree amidships, and, no, it was not possible to repair it and we
installed it in the Madison County (NY) landfill with full naval honors. L1010916-4.JPG

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
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Thanks, all. I posted in other thread and got great response, including Signal Charlie, who even gave me his phone number. With the directions provided I think I can give this a go. My next door neighbor is great and he offered to help.
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it will have to wait in line, however. I have several sailboats that I plan to be posting in the for sale section this spring and early summer.
Thank you, Scott in Barkhamsted for the deck drain plug and assembly. Another classic boat is one step closer to sailing again soon!
Does anybody know the dimensions of the screw-in original bailer for a 1974 sunfish? Basically, the drain shown in the original post above. I have the drain, but not the plug itself. I am guessing its around a half inch? My 3/8 inch bolts are too small. I thought about trying the bolts at home depot, but for all I know the thread pattern may be different. Any ideas? Thanks.
Anything can be fixed.... Just throw enough money at it.

Someone rebuilt a 1928 Ford that was essentially a rust heap. All that was original when they got done were the hood ornament and serial number plate.


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1/2" diameter UNC13 thread...I have nylon (white) hex head with o-rings for this drain plug that I am selling as a replacement. cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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