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Looking for Sunfish Cockpit cooler


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Hey, anyone out there know what soft side cooler will fit in the cockpit cubby?
If you have one for sale let me know.

Mr Mike

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I have an early Sunfish with no cuddy space, however, Coleman makes a little hard 6-pack cooler that fits nicely under the fore cockp[it overhang. It jams in there snugly.

Mr Mike

Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
Is the opening where the AMF Sunfish logo is located?
I do have a Sunfish with the cubby.
There’s no opening in front of the cockpit (unless you put in a very large port like L&VW did) Amazon sells small soft coolers that will fit in the space behind the cockpit, which you already have. Don’t hold out for the Sunfish cooler or it will be a thirsty summer.