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looking for spare rudder retaining clips

The tiny retaining clip on my rudder assembly is apparently NOT stainless steel, and is looking rather shabby. I ought to replace it with stainless before next season, but so far am only finding kits that offer more hardware than I need. Is there a source to replace those clips? It's a tiny speck of metal that can ruin your day if it should fail!

The clip is seen in this picture on the far lower right. I understand that there are other styles as well.

Snap 2020-10-01 at 16.59.44.jpg


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I have these in bulk...I will sell one for $2 which includes shipping. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com. C-ring or external retaining ring for 3/8" dia. in stainless steel.


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"Belt & Suspenders"

Fullscreen capture 3272017 31406 AM.bmp.jpg

I used a a standard stainless "C-clip", but in the interest of redundancy, I also ground a
narrow band at the end and hammered a thick s/s wire firmly into groove.


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I kind of didn't trust the C clip upon the advice of Andy here on the Forum. I replace my pintles with ones with holes and used the cotter pin only.