Looking for some help !

Old Barnie

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Afternoon everyone, I was given a 2008 Vangard Laser Radial last year. Hull # OQTL0408J708. W/ Club Laser Holt XD Rigging.
Was hoping my kids would enjoy it as they are interested in sailing (last 3 years) We quickly found out that this great boat was not for a new recreational sailor.
I understand that there are a lot of variables to consider when trying to figure out what this boat is worth. I am going to list it for sale and need some help
from anyone who might be interested and knowledgable in this area.
As an avid inshore and off shore boater for 30+ years, I know how and have purchased several used boats. So I can speak to the condition of the boat.
But that's about it when it comes to this one.
Simple facts: Very clean, Dry, stored indoors, no cracks or scratches above or below the waterline. All the rigging looks in great shape and the rudder board
and tiller don't look like they have ever hit hard ground. Sail has no rips or tares. Looks brand new. No trailer, No boat cover, but has everything else.
I appreciate anyones help and would gladly buy anyone interested, an ice cold beer if they were in the LBI area and wanted to see the boat.
Thx, Rich
If there are no soft spots in the deck or cockpit (and I wouldn't expect that in a boat that new) and no problems with the mast hole, it seems very nice.
Values vary by region and time of the year. I am not anywhere near the West Coast, but my estimate would be 3-4K if the boat is as nice as it seems to be from your description.
You can also go through the For Sale section of the Laser Forum and see if there are comparables.