Looking for pictures of the Sheet (Cuddy) Bag


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Hey guys,

My C14.2 is missing the sheet bag and I'm thinking of having one custom made. All I need is a few pictures (especially the one that shows how it's attached to the hatch cover).

thank you in advance,

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I don’t know what your plans are but if you plan to make a “line holder bag” for your 14.2 cuddy door you may be interested in the following information.

The bag is made of two pieces (back/bottom and front/sides)

1) The back piece that makes up the back and the bottom is 12” wide and 8 inches high - FINISH (back portion only dimension). The allowance for seams must be considered. All seams have a 3/8” turn-back. There is also a 1” band around the entire bag. When cutting this piece remember that the 8" finish dimension only represents the back and does not include the 3" bottom and seam allowance. Basically, the the un-sown piece will makeup the back and bottom. the piece is simply folded to make the transition from back to bottom.

2) The sides are part of the front of the bag – all one piece. The finished sides are 3” wide and 8” high. Again, keep in mind that this does not include allowance for seems or the front piece.

3) The finished dimensions for the front are 8” high, 12” across the bottom and 11” across the top. When cutting this piece the total width of the fabric will include two times the side width plus the full finished width of the front and then the allowance for the 3/8" seam allowance.

4) As mentioned, the front and sides are all one piece but appear as three pieces. This is done by seaming the front corners on both sides. Simply fold the piece over and sew a 3/32" to 1/8" seam. Nothing critical about any of these measurements.

5) There is an elastic band that extends around the top front section of the bag. It is placed where the front/ends attach to the back section/piece of the bag.

6) There are three snap eyes (not sure about the specific name and too lazy to research it...) across the top of the bag; one on either side of the center one. The distance between the two outside snap eyes is 10 ¾” center to center.

7) There is an eyelet in the bottom to serve as a drain opening. The snap is a ½” ID brass eyelet. It appears mine is chrome covered brass but I believe a simple brass eyelet will work just fine in this instance.

8) The snaps that are attached to the cuddy door are screwed into the door and mounted two inches down from the top of the door and spaced to match the snap eyes on the bag. Put the first snap in the center of the door and then install the other two.

I have a number of picture that may help to understand the construction of the bag. However, I have no clue as to how to make them part of this post.If you have further questions just let me know. If you have picture posting instructions I will gladly post what I have.
Update on the line storage bag. I took another look at my "standard" bag and decided to take a couple of measurements that may be of use for anyone deciding to make a bag for themselves. The two drawings ended up a bit more than I intended to do but hopefully, they will be of some use to someone. Well, me for a start. I plan to make another bag to replace mine; it is a bit work but not nearly as complicated as my humble attempt to document the bag for future use.

I hope this is helpful to someone.;)