Looking for Mast Head Pully

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Anyone know of a Mast Head Pully that will fit a Sunfish? Looking for the type similuar to what I saw when they drafted my butt for the Bosun's Chair and told me to unjam the Halyard on a 36 foot boat, (I'm hoping it was because I don't weight that much, not personal issues). Anyway, using 5/16 Standing/Running Rigging line for Halyard and it's a litte tight through the Sunfish's plastic mast cap.

Hey Mr. Powerboat, respect the 'No Wake Zone' sign, the guy swinging back and forth at the top of the mast has some spare wrenches to throw! Grrrrr. . .:mad:
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It's just me, I've used 3/16 and like the 5/16 better, call me Mr. Overkill I guess. How about adapting one from a Butteryfly Sailboat? Probaby put me back to 3/16 line, huh. I could drill the hole in the mast cap bigger, not quite the eligent solution I was looking for.