Looking for Mast Cap

Mast cap

..I can look down the top of my mast, too... at least to where that expanding foam was put in, just below the halyard sheave.. it's a 1990 model.


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Mast Cap

I have a 1987 Mod 1, I've owned it for 3 years and to the best of my knowledge the 14.2's do not have a mast cap. I've rigged a Baby Bob mast float to the top of mine. Hope this helps. Anthony
Just adding my 2 cents. 1989 with no mast cap.
(I bought mine used last summer and always wondered if there should be a cap, so this thread answered a question for me as well. Thank You)


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Mast cap?

There isn't supposed to be a cap, but peek in there with a flashlight and you SHOULD see that there is a urethane barrier about a foot down, below that is styrene foam. It's there to keep your mast from filling up with water when you're knoched down.