Looking For Laser 4.7 Rig

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I am still looking. I am located in Annapolis. I look forward to hearing from you.

I have one. I bought it last year, used it for a season and moved to radial. I also have an intensity practice sail and class legal racing sail, both one year old as well.
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Sounds good. Condition of the rig and sails? After one year of use, they are probably in pretty good shape but you never know. What are you asking?
Rig is in great condition consider they last for years and I bought it new last year. Both sails still sound and look good. I only used the practice sail for a total of like 24 hours the whole summer. I'm asking $600 for everything.
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Not too far. About 3 hours away. How would you like to do this? Shipping it would be totally cost prohibitive. Will you be coming down to Annapolis anytime in the near future? If not, I could drive up your way. Make a weekend of it. May be a couple of weeks from now, given my schedule, but hopefully that wouldn't be a problem.
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I have not heard back from you. How would you like to proceed with the purchase, or is the rig no longer available? I look forward to hearing from you.
Sorry I have been really busy with sailing. I have a few other people still interested in it so if you want to set up a date to pick it up I'll hold it.
I apologize but someone else sent me a payment already. I'll let you know if the deal falls through but I'm kind of obligated to sell it to them now.
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