Looking for J24 Rudder

I have an old one, but I'm in the Philadelphia PA area. I don't mind shipping if you think it's reasonable. I will pull it out of the shed and send close up images.
Thanks, Rudder View Old.jpg
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thanks for the reply, does it seem dry? My last one was a wet noodle haha. If you’re able to weight it I can figure out what condition the core is in also the cost to ship...... what’s it worth to you? I plan to use it for R2AK.
Please give me a few days to get you all kinds of details.
It's from a 1979 that has been sitting on the hard for over a decade.
R2AK seems like a place to have a spare !
I assume you don't need it right away?
33.5 lbs.
No signs of moisture.
I put it across two saw horses and it feels very stiff to me. I would use it.
I will include the transom mounted hardware (gudgeons) and the tiller shackle plates (not shown), but I have no tiller.
Forward enough of a shipping address and I will get a quote to get it to you.
Rudder 1.JPG Rudder 2.JPG Rudder 3.JPG Rudder 4.JPG Rudder 5.JPG