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My home port is at Lake Opeka, in DesPlaines, Il. Just a stone's throw from O'Hare field. See the pic, this Mod 2 Capri's been sitting there untouched for the second year. I'm willing to bet the owner might part with it for a very reasonable price. It's a diamond in the rough, just like my beat up Mod 1 was when I paid $1,200 5 years ago. With a fair amount of time and $$ I custom made mine into something special!
If anybody wanted to reach out to the owner you might have some luck by contacting the DesPlaines Park District to see if they could pass your interest on to the owner. It would be great to see another Capri zipping around on our lake!


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I just purchased 14.2 two days ago and stopped by Lake Opeka yesterday to check it out. My only experience up to now only been with sunfish and look forward to learning the ropes with Capri14.2. Would be fun to have couple of Capris out there.
Opeka is a wonderful place and there's plenty of spots available! Let's meet out there sometime, I could show you the ropes. I've been there 5 years now!
I would very much appreciate learning the lines from seasoned hand. Been reading your previous posts... This is my time owning a boat.
Inaugural launch.... probably picked the worst day for it. Hot, humid and very little winds... couldn't wait though.
Hi . I am from Chicago area as well, and I am thinking to buy Capri sailboat. What other lakes in the area you can sail on ? What is the best time on Sunday to visit Lake Opeka and see some sailboats in action?