Looking for Drainplug Replacement and Ideas


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:) Actually able to remove a Sunfish drain-plug, I searched my local hardware store for a nylon replacement having the same ½-inch thread. They didn't have one, but suggested this stainless steel replacement. PA070024.JPG While I'm happy to have any piece of hardware to pre-lube and re-insert in those hulls where the drainplugs can't be saved—without destruction of the seat—I was wondering if anyone has found a suitable nylon plug?

Would this be a good spot for [modifying and] attaching a flexible drink-holder or mounting a compass or camera? Ideas?


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I just ordered the package of 50. Paired with an o-ring, I will likely be looking to sell some of the 50 I ordered. Will be in in a week. 1 bag of 50 was cheap but shipping tripled the cost. Still cheaper than the $1 SS bolt I typically have used. Thanks for the link.


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I'd like to place an order for four—including one for a neighbor whose Sunfish I've borrowed over a few seasons.

Got a link?
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