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looking for covers, dolly, tiller, and race upgrades

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i just got a laser and it didn't come with any accessories so i have a shopping list of things i need for it

- top and bottom covers
- carbon fiber tiller and extension
- a dolly
- and the pro race upgrades
if you have any of this used and you would like to sell it email me at DougReynolds10@gmail.com


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I have covers, both op and bottom. I have top covers made of sunbrellla, widely regarded as the best material for marine canvas applications for $125 US, as well as top covers made with Top Gun for $110. Sunbrella is better for water resistence and will last longer for stagnant storage, though the Top Gun will do better for trailering. Also, I have Bottom covers made of Top Gun for $140. Top Gun is a a great fabric for trailering, as well as winter storage.
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