Looking for a trailerable sailboat under 1800/2000lbs


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We are looking for our first sailboat and would like to see what everyone's recommendations are or if there's a boat that even matches our requirements.

1st, is right now I can only tow 2700lbs max so I'm looking for something less than 1800/2000lb with the trailer. In the future, this will change, but, unfortunately, it's a limitation for us now.

2nd, is a boat you don't have to hike over the side a lot to sail. This is a pretty big NoGo for the Significant Other, which I know will drastically if not completely eliminate most dingies. I'm not sure if a swing keel will help with this but I think that's we have in mind.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
It is odd to select a sailboat by a weight class, kind of like buying a house because of the drapes. Off hand I could name 50 that meet your weight limit.

More importantly...
1) What is your level of sailing experience?
2) What is your age group (physical limitations)?
3) Where will you typically be using this boat?
4) What are you realistically intending to do with this boat?
5) What is your budget?
6) What is your time frame (when would you like to acquire this boat?

I ask these questions because a bunny hill skier should stay off of the Black Dimond slopes.
There are few 50 year olds on the rodeo circuit.
Snowmen don't last long in Florida.
You can't haul logs with a Smart car.
What you can buy and what you can afford are typically two different things.
Finding the ultimate item may take longer than you have.