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As the description says, I need a sail with a window. I've started racing my Fish in the local fleet and would like to upgrade my stock windowless sail for one with a window. "just go buy an Intensity sail" they said. Well, I eventually will but I'm also trying to pace my boat upgrades with my skill level, and it this point that doesn't warrant a new sail. LOL

So I'm looking for something used, but not in need of a ton of repair. Something that is race cut, and obviously something with a window. Color, manufacturer, doesn't matter. Just trying to slowly improve skills and the boat at the same time, and this would sure help my maneuvering at the start line!



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Sailcraftri is a great seller, check with him, he usually has a good bit of Sails. Also, if you want a great affordable new sail check out the sunfish Sails for sale by FlyingDragon54 on eBay, the buy it now I think is at 160. They have the window and are colorful and crisp.


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Don't sell yourself short.

Someone much smarter then I suggested that learning with substandard equipment results in substandard training.

If you know your equipment is at it's best, you can focus on refining you, which I think is your goal.
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Yeah, I get it. I'm just trying to fulfill the promise to my better half that I wasn't going to buy a boat and start dumping money into it, which I have already done a lot of so far (new main sheet, clips, block, outhaul), and I already have a couple of other much more expensive hobbies, so this one needs to stay in check.

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Plus Flyingdragon54 sails are of unknown quality, and Intensities are known to be good.

A local sailmake may be able to put a window in your sail for maybe $50.


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I can attest to the Flyingdragon54 sails of being very good quality. I have bought over 50 Sunfish and Minifish sails from him. Stainless steel grommets, race shape sails, windows. He is a former sailmaker that now does these Sunfish sails on the side. They are made by him here in the USA.
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