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Looking for a new Dolly trailer for Laser


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Hi, I have been trying to buy a RightOn dolly trailer for a Laser XD. All of the dealers that I have contacted are out of stock and don't know when they will get the next shipment due to Covid-19 related problems in the supply chains. Does anyone know of another brand or model of dolly trailer for this boat? I am in Puerto Rico and would need to have it shipped down here. All the best to all and keep safe. Robert

Rob Hair

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You may or may not be comfortable doing this but I think it's not too hard to adapt a common small boat trailer to be able to hold a dolly. I considered doing this but ultimately decided to buy a Trailex that is designed for a Laser so I don't have any specific tips. I think some careful study of the RightOn video and photos may give you useful suggestions.


there is a company that sells in ebay, they are out of Georgia i think, i bought replacement wheels from them.