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Hi Guys,

I just picked up a used AMF sunfish. I've searched around online a bit and would still like to learn a little more about these neat boats, as I've never sailed before. I purchased a sunfish bible, and I would really like a factory sunfish owners manual.

I've searched for an owners manual on eBay and on other message boards and I was wondering if anyone here had one for sale, or that they would just let me borrow for a week or so to read. In either case I would be happy to pay.

If you can help me out please send an email



What little is in the "owner manual" is in the "Bible". If you just want it for the sake of having an original manual to go with your fish that's one thing, but it won't give you anything not in the Bible.
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Thanks for the tips on the rigging manual. I had actually seen those, but I was hoping for an original manual- or at least a copy of the original however helpful or not it is. If anyone has one that they would be willing to sell, or just lend me for a week or so, it would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Sunfisherman,

Vanguard has posted the "manual" on their web site.


Click on "rigging".

This is essentially the set up manual you get with a new boat. It is in Adobe .pdf format and can be copied to your computer or printed for free.

I'm sure if you contacted a dealer or Vanguard directly you could get an original for a nominal fee, also.