Looking for a Laser!

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Hello, everyone! :)

After lurking and reading pretty much everything on this forum (and deciding that the first boat I want to buy will be a Laser), I wanted to throw this post out here:

I'm looking for a Laser with full rig and/or Radial/4.7 rigging in Texas. Ideally, the boat will be relatively local (near Galveston/Kemah/etc.), but I am willing to drive to Austin, San Antonio, College Station, and Dallas to take a look at your boat and make a purchase.

I do kindly ask that the boat come with
1. a trailer and dolly
2. title or bill of sale
3. registered trailer (though this can be discussed further; Texas DMV requires trailers to be registered before driving on the roads, & I'll need to take my boat home with me!)

In regards to price, I am willing to pay a fair and reasonable price that depends on the condition of the boat, the sail inventory and condition, rigging, and "extras." I would prefer a boat that is still stiff and could be raced.

If you know someone in Texas who is looking to sell a Laser or plan on listing yours for sale, please email me lachrymose at gmail dot com, or shoot me a private message!

I promise to give the Laser a happy home where it will be loved and sailed frequently!

Thank you for reading. :)
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Hi, I'm not sure why this was posted since this boat is not in Texas (but the poster is a site/bot that does some kind of searches...?). I saw this post and would be very interested if the boat was relatively local, but it's in Nassau County.
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