Looking for a Laser...

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Some one has offered to buy my 1986 boat so I am looking for a new one.

I live in Louisville, KY, but I would be willing to travel to IL, IN, TN, OH, NC, WV, VA, TN, SC, NC etc...

I will be in NC, SC, and GA between July 31 and Aug. 15.

I would prefer to have it to be race ready with the upgrade packages...
I would like to spend no more than $3500

Please email photos to JeepRocks86@aol.com
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Sold my boat today... The boats I was going to look at tomorrow are looking like they are going to fall through. One has sold and the other is sale pending... bummer.
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Still Looking for a boat...

My club's regatta is in Later Sept, Early Oct and I will need a boat by then.

Not only that, I have a week off before school with a varying work schedule, and my club series continues sunday morning so if I could get a boat before them that would be awesome...
Give it up man. Sellers don't bother to look in here, they just post a "for sale" ad on craigslist, then maybe on laserforum, and run.

Spread your craigslist net to everywhere you're willing to travel.
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