Looking for a Laser in NJ area

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Hey guys... first post. Trying to get back into the game here. Started sailing around 8 w/ a Pram and then a Sunfish. Now 26 and looking to get my hands on a laser. I remember looking up to those guys as a kid. I particuarly am looking for a full rig... I am a pretty big guy (approx 220lbs) and I don't think I am getting much smaller anytime soon so I think I can handle it by myself. Really trying to find a descent deal for my first time around. Don't mind something that needs minor work or missing some parts but nothing that is overly soft or taking on significant water. Basically something that I can mess around w/ just to make sure I am really into the hobby again. I will travel a significant distance for a good price (3 hrs or so). I know it isn't common but trying to stay in the sub $1k range to start. You can email me direct at MattP725@comcast.net Also any suggestions of where to look local (obviously the local YC's) would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Im not too far off from ya. I tried looking in local classified and some seem to pop up on ebay a lot in the surrounding area.

The only advice I can give is to get a complete boat. It took me a year to get the bulky parts in used conditionat a cheap rate. When you need parts, just go up to colie sails in I think it's point pleasant. Coliesails.com

I have an extra hull, but it needs majorly work, sorry it doesnt help.

I may be stating the obvious, however I just recently discovered www.craigslist.org If you've never been there it is a great sight. You can shop by various cities or regions within a state. I recently bought a '83 Laser for $800 in NJ. Check the site often as it is updated daily, I would imagine especially right around or shortly after Labor Day they'll be an influx of boats posted. Good luck!

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I'll try that as well... I may have shifted interest to a slightly newer boat in the 1-2k level. I have a feeling that I will spend too much getting an older boat upgraded. Prob more cost effective (and time effective) to get a late 90s early 00 boat.
I have a Laser 2 on Long Beach Island. Main and Jib are in like-new condition. Self-bailer plug needs to be re-bedded which is easy. Might need a bit of bondo around daggerboard cut. Otherwise, boat is really great; I just don't use it anymore. It is a 1990 hull and I haven't sailed it once in the past 4 years. Price is negotiable, but not sub $1k (sorry.)
Email: j.pojednic@neu.edu if interested. 7/23/07.
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