Looking for a J 24 rudder.

Writes the weasel that canceled payment AND kept the sails. So he's got all my sails, all his money, and I somehow in he feels he's been wronged???

Words to the wise:1.) stay clear of this crook and 2.) be VERY careful of accepting payment via Paypal from someone without an account. All they need to do is cancel payment with their credit card company after they receive your merchandise and you are out of luck.I had no idea until dealing with this guy. Look it up, its scary!
looking for a J 24 rudder.
I have one that has been faired. Looks good but also has some water in it. Weighs about 10lbs more than class. If your not racing it would be fine.
I have a dry, faired rudder for sale please contact me at echarsky@gmail.com, pic posted below. Files are too big to post more, will send more once we connect.
Thanks, Eric