Looking for a Dolly to move our SF 10 feet

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We just aquired a used sunfish in great conditon which we plan to leave down at our beach (we are on a small lake in New Hampshire).

I'm thinking a dolly or some rig with rollers would work, that way we can just slide it off the beach into the water with out is scraping the sand.

My question is anyone know of any dollys like this? The ones on-line seem like overkill and more than I need to spend to move the boat 10 feet into the water.

Thanks Much
Basically a long triangle with a blunt point for a handle and the bottom for the axel. I made one similar. As I made it from PVC pipe, you may able to figure something out for yourself. Do some scrounging around. I found a pair of lawn tractor front wheels/with tires for next to nothing (had to get new bushings for a few bucks). Wide enough for sandy beaches. Instead of a 6' piece of steel rod for the axel, 2 lag screws to fit your wheels, screwed into a 4 x 4, about 4' long (or landscape timber). A couple of flange adapters, 4 elbows and some straight lengths, glue and screws and you are in business. A PVC dolly is not all that strong, not that good for rough ground. Sunlight will also take its toll. Figure to replace it in about 2-3 years, UV resistant paint will help it last longer. I do not have any plans, just built it as I went. E-mail me if you have any questions.