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I have a $300 Sunfish and am trying to avoid buying a $565 dolly that supposedly doesn’t work that great for a pre-88 Sunny. I’m also trying to avoid a project, but am starting to warm up to the idea because I’m not sure that I have many options.

Does anyone have an extra for sale? Or plans for an easy DIY build? I’ve seen some videos about the type of dolly that only goes under the middle of the boat. I’m really looking for one that can support the boat for trailering. I have a flatbed trailer and want to be able to unhook the dolly from the trailer and roll the boat right to the water. I bought the Sunfish for the ease of sailing and am trying to keep rigging time to a minimum.


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You're in luck, they're only $545 from Dynamic Dollies, not $565! It will do exactly what you described. You'd want to order the non-rolled gunwale Model 3, which has an extra V-brace on the bow handle to nestle the bow, and is without the rolled gunwale bow handle fitting. The boat rides great on the V-Brace and 3 inch wide sling. There are also handy tiedown eyelets on the bow handle and side tubes. All of the materials are top quality, we saw little evidence of wear after 7 +years of storage next to our previous saltwater bay. The tubed tires are handy, we've had to add air once, and you can deflate them a bit for softer sand.

Pictured below is the rolled gunwale Model 3, which belongs to another boat. To be honest we didn't notice that we put PHOENIX on the wrong dolly after we moved 7 dolly boats from Florida.


WINNIE has the correct Model 3, with 2 V-Braces. The tires provide extra cushioning during the trailer ride, an air ride suspension of sorts.


The doly, like the Sunfish, will hold its value should you ever decide to sell. And as far as saving our backs and providing the best support for the boats, we think this dolly is the best value out there. Should you ever attend a large regatta, like the Masters, you'll see a beach full of Dynamic or Seitech dollies. This photo was about 10 years ago, when Dynamic was new in the market, now they own the market.


Should you decide to treat yourself and your boat, send us a message and we can get you one with free shipping.
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I have an 81 that I just bought a Jotag dolly for (only $439 right now). It's pretty okay, but the nose does like to slip out of the housing. I just keep the connection good & tight.

I might consider modifying in the future.