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Looking for a decent Dacron #1


Hi all -
Here's a modest request for a decent #1 genoa.
I discovered that my J/24 'project' boat has a pretty good #3 jib (working jib) for my Harken furler (yep, that's what I have).
Everything works fine with the jib that came with this boat, but the sail is a little small for those light air days, and so I am looking for a decent #1 Dacron sail, ideally with 6 mm rope luff for the slotted (furling) forestay.
Because the luff will need to be trimmed/cut to fit the furler, I am looking for a 'stacked panel' stitched jib. NOT a sail with tri-radial construction because it cannot be cut without messing up the contour of the sail.
There - I've said it. Maybe there's something out there in your inventory that will help me out. Thanks, all!


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im pretty sure ive got one not sure if its a 6mm but I'm pretty sure I've got one if not I have a hank one you can take to sailmaker to put the luff rope on


Thank you for following up on my request. Turns out I found a pretty good Doyle Dacron #1 jib that is cut for furling and has rope luff.
So I am all set! But many thanks!