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Looking for a boom for an early 80's sunfish


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Snapped my boom at the gooseneck and a need a replacement, I'm in the Atlanta area. I only get to sail this boat about a week a year and would hate to have to spring for a new boom.


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I have a set of spars in poor condition, that you are welcome to have if you happen to be in the DC area.


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Thank you for the offer, I ended up biting the bullet and buying a boom. Last one the marine store had, they said they have been having trouble getting parts for a few years now and when he looked at the supplier site for laser performance he said it stated they had declared bankruptcy. So i decided not to wait in case i couldn't order one later.


Upside down?
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LP declared bankruptcy?
Or is this just another escape from legal troubles the company has been in?

PS: Glad you found a boom 'nearby'; shipping is VERY expensive.


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Not sure which way I want it to go, a new company that takes better care of the brands or LP limping along with the same issues. Shipping was a good amount more than the boom itself, that's what sealed the decision to buy the one I found when I found it.