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Longer tiller and extension other mods....


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So I made a tiller that goes just up to the Barney post. Also made a new tiller extension about 3 feet long. I'm 225lbs (save it...) and being able to sit all the way forward is a total game changer on every point of sail. Tacking took some getting used to as the longer extension hits the boom when flopping over, but having plenty of beach cat skippering under my belt, this was an easy adjustment. I need to turn the mainsheet stopper around so the cleat rotates to the forward side rather to the back when tacking.

For "self-steering" I use a small bungie cord wrapped once around the tiller behind the extension and hooked onto the barney post. There's enough flex to correct and re-center as need. So far, works great when setting the whisker pole or messing about between races.

Added 4:1 outhaul and Seldon swiveling cleats for the halyards allowing easy hoist and douse from any angle; highly recommended upgrade.


I still have to strip the horn cleats off the mast base and some bungie-ball connectors off the transom as it seems I've got stuff to get sheets fouled all over the place. If I'm gonna keep her for a while, I'll add a proper cunningham that I can adjust easily on the fly and likely add blocks to the existing jib tracks and reroute the jib sheets and cleats up to the "bulkhead" (whatever that's called where the little storage space is) as the stock location/turning block/cleat system is unacceptable for me.

Not sure I'll do particularly well without buying a new set of sails (which ain't gonna happen) but I'm typically at the sharp end of our VERY competitive fleet and man, this is a fun boat to zip around the course. ;-)

Steve S.

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Yeah, I've made longer tillers for my Laser in the past, and experimented with longer extensions, but you're right, they tend to get in the way UNTIL you're used to the new length, AYE? After awhile, flippin' that extension around becomes easier, but at first it's a PITA. I wound up keeping the fore end of the tiller just short of the Laser cockpit, and going with an adjustable or telescopic extension which worked GREAT once I had the hang of it in high winds & heavy seas, LOL. It just takes a little time, and I believe I went swimming once or twice when the extension hung up at an inappropriate moment... :confused:

Meh, exercise is good for you, that's the way I always looked at such situations... good luck to ya, a little experimentation may be in order to dial in that tiller & extension just the way you want it. The good news is that it ain't rocket science, LOL. :rolleyes:

I'm back to my cold Mexican beer with lime wedge, got the whole Coronavirus deal going on here at the ol' hacienda... CHEERS!!! ;)


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A few pics of my longer tiller and extension. Reconfigured the mainsheet to swivel forward and the set-up works dramatically better for me. Also, you can see how I tie off the tiller when setting the pole or need a free hand. I bent the hooks on the bungee so they're almost L shaped for easy set and removal. I'm selling the boat, so won't be relocating the jib cleats, but were I keeping her, that would be next, for sure.