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Long Shaft or Short Shaft?


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I am going to buy an outboard motor for my Capri 14.2 to get me out on to the lake. Will a short shaft motor work or do I need to get the long shaft? I have been able to find a couple of short shafts for sale but no long shafts.

Any recomendations? Anyone got a suitable motor they want to sell?


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I just bought a '68 evinrude short shaft and it looks like it is plenty. it is mounted on a motor mount, transom mounted it would prolly be short. 2 horse should be plenty.

jerry robinson

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Long or short shaft?

I use a short shaft Suzuki 2hp. It works perfectly on a Catalina motor mount - mounted on the port side of transom. Mounts are inverted so as to keep clear of tiller.


Motor Mount

Can someone who has the CatalinaDirect motor mount measure the width of the part that mounts to the transom? I have my transom plate all silicon-ed to the boat because of a repair that we had to make and it is not coming off, therefore I need to insure that the mount that I get will fit the wood that is on the boat. It looks slightly too big and I am thinking I may need to look for someone to custom-fab me a mount, PS. The shortshaft will work without the mount, but barely (if I sit next to it it works fine, but if I move forward it is not deep enough), and it would work very nicely being a couple inches more submerged. Now that the season is around the corner my goal is to get some kind of a nice mount set up.


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short or long shaft motor?

my 14.2 EXPO, equipped with factory motor mount, came with a long-shaft Minn-Kota. I sold it and bought a short shaft 30" / 30 lb thrust. Works fine and stays out of the way when sailing.

Dave in Kansas