Locking mast/boom/sail to Sunfish - solutions?

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Friends -

My Sunfish is locked to a piling on our beach, and I'm looking for ways to also lock the mast, boom and (rolled up) sail to the boat. That way I only have to carry daggerboard, rudder and life vest down to the beach. What's worked for you guys? It's obviously a long and odd-shaped bundle -- a bit of a security challenge.
I would use:
PVC pipe + endcaps
add hardware for locking it.

Similar to how some people set up PVC pipe for their mast/sail on the trailer

You want the sail protected from UV
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I hadn't considered the UV damage. Many thanks! May rig something from PVC over the winter -- keep me busy when I can't sail.


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I don't have that problem, but I'll work on it. ;)

You'll need an eye bolt through the deck, a padlock, share a pop-rivet on your mast-mounted cleat, and a short cable (not chain) made to exactly the right length. Cable resists bolt cutters and most wire cutters. Also, it'll be easier to secure whIle sailing.

A smaller eye bolt could share a mounting spot on the existing Sunfish cleat. (Instead of a Phillips screw).

The idea is to keep the mast from being pulled out, while taking a turn around the gooseneck. (Immobilizing everything that can be carried away). :cool:

Or, you could encourage a mouse family to move in. :confused:

beldar boathead

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Where do you live that you need to worry about Sunfish theft/vandalism? Last time I recall Sunfish being so popular parts and boats got stolen was when my cone was very small. BB


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Our club lost a rack of masts and spars, not for parts value, for scrap value.
Local scrap yard questioned the pile of 2' mast sections....
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It never ceases to amaze me what crap people get up to when they're high as a kite. It sucks but it is what it is. Thanks, everyone, for the great suggests!


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Aluminum mast sections get a lot more than a bag of soda cans. I've seen people try to cart out discarded mast sections from larger boats as well. In broad daylight, like they think no one will notice. Happily, our local scrap center knew better and called the marina. Cops had 'em arrested within 15 minutes.


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I drove by a metal recycler's, where a "customer" was cutting off the plastic straps from a brand-new chaise lounge chair. :rolleyes:

Where do you live that you need to worry about Sunfish theft/vandalism? Last time I recall Sunfish being so popular parts and boats got stolen was when my cone was very small. BB
New Jersey comes to mind :( but any state where opioids, heroin, fentanyl, or methamphetamines are "popular" is trouble. :confused: "Opioid Refugees" are becoming a major problem, even in New Hampshire. :oops:

If the beach is your property—and especially if a lakefront property—I wouldn't think theft would be a problem. Check that your homeowners insurance covers your Sunfish. If insurance coverage isn't practical, the $80 spent at Home Depot for PVC would be worth it. :cool: Figure out a slip/cut design that can exclude mice and ants.

The PVC tube I got came from a construction dumpster. It is very heavy but worth salvaging—even though I was on crutches—on recovery from knee surgery! :mad: See if Home Depot has a lighter alternative to whatever it was that I "liberated" :oops: like schedule 20 or even schedule 10. :)


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Such thievery could be called "opportunistic", like a purse left on a bench.

Just make your Sunfish parts difficult to remove. I prefer cable, but two small chains like the picture below, connected by a small padlock would discourage thievery, yet not interfere with sailing. (If you remember the key!) :confused:

Pop-rivet the chains to mast and deck, with a very tight turn around the gooseneck.